La Banque Postale and The SeaCleaners innovate

As a banking subsidiary of Groupe La Poste, La Banque Postale has decided to support the mission and projects of The SeaCleaners.

To coincide with the launch of a committed savings product designed to reconcile investment in the financial markets with social responsibility, La Banque Postale has undertaken to donate 0.20% of the funds raised, up to a maximum of €250,000, to The SeaCleaners.

The ocean is a priceless common asset for humanity. Plastic is a major innovation which, in the space of 50 years, has become a global problem due to its over-consumption.It is the source of increasing pollution, impacting the ocean and biodiversity exponentially.

The SeaCleaners is mobilizing the donations it receives to combat this plastic pollution of the oceans.

To achieve this, the association is taking concrete action at sea and on land: developing innovative solutions for collecting and recycling marine waste, including the MANTA giant of the seas; raising awareness among the general public and supporting scientific research.

Through its preventive and corrective action against plastic pollution, The SeaCleaners plays an active role in protecting biodiversity and the ocean, the planet’s largest ecosystem, whose health is essential to life on earth.

Investing in financial instruments involves risks. This communication should not be construed as investment advice.