La Poste, the French Mail, partners with the SeaCleaners, for the oceans

We are very proud to announce a brand new partnership with La Poste (the French mail company), in order to spread our awareness messages to a large audience, but also to act on a large scale against plastic pollution on land to preserve our oceans.

The program for this year of collaboration includes massive awareness-raising via one of the largest communication networks in France, large-scale waste collection operations, and thousands of employees who are ready to join the great SeaCleaners adventure.

Concretely, as part of this partnership, La Poste is inviting its employees to take part in joint clean-up operations with The SeaCleaners teams throughout France. This year, 15 major actions will be carried out in all regions of France, in metropolitan France and overseas, during which we will join forces to fight against plastic pollution of the oceans. As we keep repeating, 80% of the waste that ends up in the sea comes from the land, and cleaning the coastline alone is unfortunately not enough. And what better partner than La Poste and its 240,000 collaborators to reach out to the whole territory? By committing itself to our cause, La Poste intends to mobilize its employees to collect a maximum of waste and, we hope, to join the ranks of our volunteers!

“Working alongside La Poste is a great opportunity to strengthen our action as close as possible to the territories, to raise public awareness and to help preserve the oceans for future generations.”

Yvan Bourgnon President of The SeaCleaners

Throughout the year, postal workers will also be made aware of environmental issues and the messages we are sending out. Webinars, video broadcasts in Post offices, lectures by Yvan Bourgnon, will all be opportunities to get the key messages across. And because a commitment must also translate into changes in company practices, La Poste intends to take advantage of our advice to reduce plastic consumption in its industrial processes at the source.

A committed partner for the planet

La Poste has been taking action to combat climate change for more than 20 years. The Group is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by 30% between 2013 and 2025 to limit global warming to 1.5°C in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. This trajectory, validated by the global Science-Based Targets initiative, is the result of constant actions to decarbonize La Poste’s activities: electrification of its vehicle fleet, massification and pooling of mail and parcel loads, switching heavy goods vehicles to low-carbon energies, 100% use of renewable electricity for its buildings, etc.

“"La Poste has made strong commitments to environmental protection for several years. With this new partnership, we want to once again mobilize all our employees and the public on this issue and participate in the collective action to fight against global warming and the erosion of life and to promote biodiversity”

Philippe Dorge Executive Vice-President of La Poste Group, in charge of the Services-Courier-Colis Division