Let’s meet in Jakarta for Indowaste 2022

From 5 to 7 October, The SeaCleaners will introduce the MAPP project for the first time in Southeast Asia, at INDO WASTE 2022 EXPO & FORUM.

This major technological event brings together waste management experts from 12 countries. It will be held in Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Initiated by The SeaCleaners, the MAPP Indonesia project (aka Mobula Against Plastic Pollution) intends to combat plastic pollution on land and waters in Indonesia. The project unites several Indonesian partner organizations to implement clean-up operations in Bali inland waters and on-land activities designed to combat plastic pollution, in collaboration with local authorities, organizations and community.

We are incredibly excited to be a partner of the INDO WASTE 2022 EXPO & FORUM and to have this amazing opportunity to introduce the MAPP project to industry professionals, officials and authorities and media.

INDO WASTE 2022 EXPO & FORUM will be in collaboration with Indo Water, Indo Renergy dan Indonesia International Smart City 2022 Expo & Forum, which gathers top professionals in wastewater, sewage treatment, waste, renewable energy, and smart city industry.

This annual show is entitled as INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY EVENT (ITE) 2022, and will be an international technology forum and expo for ICT (Information and Communication Technology), IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based sectors to meet information and business needs related to smart city solutions and providers. As well as sectors supporting the management of clean water management systems and technology, waste management, waste and intelligent transportation systems.

Targeted more than 10,000 visitors will attend, with plans to invite various stakeholders including related Ministries and Institutions, Governors, Regents, Mayors, and Regional Apparatuses throughout Indonesia, industry players; providers of smart city solutions, clean water, waste and waste management systems. As well as associations, communities, academia, and the media.

The exhibition will be attended by 150 participants from 12 countries including several pavilions of countries including China, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Plan your participation and visit at www.indowater.com to get more information.

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