Popeye and the SeaCleaners join forces to knock-out plastic pollution.

The SeaCleaners - Popeye

Sailor, tough guy, combative, hero, icon. Here is Popeye! This is an outsider with prominent biceps, a devastating uppercut and that have a passion for canned spinach. He won entire generations hearts, on big and small screen. This shock recruit is now member of The SeaCleaners team. Our association to this famous sailor is possible thanks to a global partnership with King Features, producer and distributor of some of the world’s most iconic intellectual property and leader in character licensing and franchise development. This alliance is based on the sharing of strong common values: integrity, perseverance, fighting against injustice, the guts to never give up and of course an unconditional love for seas with the strong willpower to protect them against all threats and dangers. Despite its 90th anniversary, celebrated in 2019, Popeye remains one of the most recognizable icon of global pop culture. With Popeye’s support, The SeaCleaners will expand its public awareness and educational missions to encourage to tackle and end the problem of plastic pollution. The partnership was negotiated by King Features’ French agent, M.J.A. Licensing, who will be responsible for setting up Popeye x The SeaCleaners co-branding contracts in various product categories (clothing, accessories, decoration, etc.). A part of the takings will then be donated to the association.