Seasoldier and The SeaCleaners team up to fight plastic pollution in Bali

The Indonesian NGO will operate the MOBULA 8, The SeaCleaners' cleaning boat, in Bali.


Indonesian NGO Seasoldier Prajurit Laut Foundation and French NGO The SeaCleaners have decided to join forces to clean up floating river and marine plastic waste clogging many rivers and coastlines in the Bali region.

To achieve this, Seasoldier will operate the MOBULA 8, the multi-purpose clean-up boat developed by The SeaCleaners, which will begin operations in Indonesia in the second half of 2022.

Capable of cleaning 15,000 sqm per hour, the MOBULA 8 collects both solid and liquid waste. It is designed to operate in rivers, mangrove swamps and lake areas, canals and coastal areas up to 5 miles from the coast. It can collect 2.4 tons of solid waste and 600 liters of liquid waste per rotation. Thanks to the concentrator arms installed at the front, its collection span reaches 4 m wide. A true autonomous waste management station, the MOBULA 8 is equipped with an on-board sorting table for continuous waste sorting in real time.

The boat is therefore particularly well suited to the Bali region, where some several potential intervention sites have already been identified.  The first site of operation will be the mangrove forest in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali Province. Denpasar City generates 827 tons of waste per day. 4% of this waste is mismanaged, with the rate of 2,308 tons per year of plastics leaking to the aquatic environment.

“I am very enthusiastic about the collaboration between Seasoldier and The SeaCleaners. This is a good step to spread action and raise awareness on environmental issues and marine debris, both for local and international communities. The MOBULA 8 is the real example of environmental action and concern for the cleanliness of the sea.”

Dinni Septianingrum Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
SeaSoldier team

Three team members from Seasoldier will work on the MOBULA 8: a captain and two sorting operators, who will be trained in the use of the boat and its equipment by The SeaCleaners and EFINOR Seacleaner (boat manufacturer).

As the clean-up operations progress, the Seasoldier crew will also collect data on the waste collected and document plastic pollution in the area (waste characterization, geolocation, collection conditions, etc.). This data will be used for scientific research by The SeaCleaners’ teams to better understand plastic pollution and to define new action protocols to fight against this scourge.

“We are delighted with this partnership with Seasoldier, which allows us to take concrete action against plastic pollution, where it is most needed. We are providing a tool, this multipurpose clean-up boat, and the transfer of skills to operate it. Seasoldier brings its expertise, long term experience and knowledge of the local players, authorities, associations and administrations that we must involve in our projects to be as effective and comprehensive in our grasp as possible. Together, we are in a logic of sharing knowledge and know-hows to co-construct new practices against the scourge of plastic pollution”

Yvan Bourgnon President and Founder of The SeaCleaners

The aquatic waste collected by the MOBULA 8 will then be managed by local companies and associations that are members of APSI, (Asosiasi Pengusaha Sampah Indonesia), one of the main professional associations for waste recycling in Indonesia.

Seasoldier is an independent organization that originated from personal action that cares about the environment. This movement was first initiated by Nadine Chandrawinata and Dinni Septianingrum on March 28, 2015. Starting from social media, Seasoldier influence others, especially young people, to take eco-friendly actions starting from themselves. In 2018, Seasoldier moved to a higher stage and officially became Seasoldier Prajurit Laut Foundation in order to manage this organization professionally, while still promoting unity in the community and individual actions/initiatives. To this day, Seasoldier are spread in 15 cities throughout Indonesia which have built several programs such as mangrove/tree conservation, bersihkan warungku, beach clean-up, ecobrick training, sailing dolphin, and many more.

Seasoldier team
SeaSoldier Team