Thalgo and La Trinitaine join The SeaCleaners

The SeaCleaners - Thalgo
The SeaCleaners - La Trinitaine

Since the beginning of the year, two new corporate partners have joined our adventure, establishing a natural and obvious link between their activities and The SeaCleaners’ missions.

The historic location of La Trinitaine, just a few kilometres away from The SeaCleaners’ offices, and the know-how in the retail industry of this Breton family business, which shares a strong history with the sea, on the French coast, inevitably bring us closer together.

Thalgo, which draws inspiration from the benefits of the oceans to create professional cosmetic treatments, spreading its expertise in 90 countries from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and defending the richness of the marine ecosystem, has found a natural echo in the Manta project but also in the preventive actions carried out throughout the year on our coasts.

The two companies have in common a very particular attention to the sea, but also an approach of permanent improvement in their choices of production, distribution and consumption in order to limit the use and impact of plastic, and a very strong desire to involve their employees and customers in the adventure of The SeaCleaners.

We are proud to be supported by these two committed companies and to be able to accompany them in these initiatives!