The Christmas card that makes good to the oceans

Running out of ideas? This Christmas, change the game. Give a gift.

Every year, the holidays rhyme with hyper consumption, waste, plastic over-wrapping… Very often, to offer gadgets, unnecessary and trinkets that have sometimes traveled three times around the world to reach us and whose real usefulness remains to be proven.

This year, whether you’re looking for an original idea, a fervent supporter of the oceans’ cause or simply want to give meaning to your Christmas gifts, The SeaCleaners proposes to reverse the trend and reinvent your way of giving gifts.  For your climate-skeptic son-in-law, your little niece that you see once a year, your new colleague… make a donation to The SeaCleaners in his name and give him a gift!

By giving our Christmas gift cards, you are supporting The SeaCleaners in its missions, while raising awareness, mobilizing and encouraging behavior change. 

Available from December 10 to 24

How does it work?

Just go to the page dedicated to the operation

  1. Make a donation to The SeaCleaners
  2. Download your gift card and personalize it
  3. Offer your card
  4. Download the communication kit to publicize your commitment to the oceans and encourage your community to participate
  5. Leave us your address to receive The SeaCleaners donor sticker.

Thanks to your donation, we will:

Develop our awareness programmes to alert people to the dangers of plastic pollution and to change mentalities

  • intervention in schools in Indonesia, the 2nd most affected country in the world by plastic pollution
  • mobile recycling workshop
  • virtual reality awareness tool


Continue our innovation and engineering projects for the creation of the MANTA, a factory boat for the depollution of the oceans

  • plastic scanner to differentiate between the different types of plastics that can be used in sorting centres on land and in the MANTA
  • scale-up of our surface waste collection systems
  • collection mats


Designing new and innovative clean-up solutions at sea and on land

  • improving a sorting centre in the Amed region of Indonesia
  • purchase of waste collection, sorting and recovery equipment on land
  • waste recovery solution for residual waste
  • training for local collection agents, sorting operators and recovery operators


The ‘Give less plastic to the oceans’ campaign

The SeaCleaners warmly thanks the agency ARTEFACT who proposed the concept of these gift cards and designed them. Resolutely joyful and colorful, inspired by the artist Patrick Gildersleeves, and far from the dark images traditionally associated with the fight against plastic pollution, these cards bring a wind of optimism and freshness to the Manta ray that embodies the action of The SeaCleaners.