The Mobula 8 takes the plunge in Paris

Mobula8-Menage ton canal

Before leaving for Indonesia, where it will begin its clean-up campaigns at the end of the year, the Mobula 8 chose Paris to give the first public demonstration of its cleaning capabilities.

Invited to participate in the citizen mobilization operation “Ménage ton Canal” (a nice play on words with Cleaning and Sparing), organized by the local public authorities, our new multi-purpose boat, which is capable of collecting simultaneously both solid and liquid floating waste, put on a show on the Bassin de la Villette, during two busy days on June 18 and 19.

 Eric Le Plomb, head of The SeaCleaners’ operational division, took the controls himself, assisted by our environmental engineer Alice Darondeau and Yann Audren, pilot at EFINOR Sea Cleaner (the SME that built the Mobula 8 for us).

 The first day was an opportunity to offer a privileged discovery of the Mobula 8’s abilities to the long-time friends, partners and supporters of The SeaCleaners, as well as to the media and to representatives of countries hard hit by the scourge of plastic pollution.

 The second day was dedicated to the general public: the team and volunteers of the association, mobilized for the occasion, were able to measure with pleasure the enthusiasm and curiosity aroused by a new technological solution for collecting floating waste.

 More than 40 associations and citizen movements were mobilized for “Ménage ton Canal“. In total, they collected 2,067 kilos of waste, all streams combined.

 Here are a few images at these two amazing days of meetings and exchanges.