The SeaCleaners' presence in the United Arab Emirates was an opportunity to conduct effective and interactive awareness-raising operations with hundred of students.

In Abu Dhabi first, in the Lycées Français Théodore Monod and Louis Massignon. But also with students from Aflec (Lycée Français International), ICE (International Concept for Education) and LLFP (Lycée Libanais Francophone Privé), who came to the France Pavilion at the Dubai 2020 World Expo. On the program of all these sessions: a flood of questions, videos, infographics, the immersive visit of the MANTA with 3D headsets, the presentation of the model of the ship; not to mention many passionate exchanges with Yvan Bourgnon, delighted by the wave of enthusiasm raised by The SeaCleaners among a young generation very sensitive to the issue of plastic waste in the ocean.

Beyond these pedagogical missions, other highlights marked this week in the shadow of Dubai’s skyscrapers. The team has multiplied the decisive meetings with privileged interlocutors: companies, local institutions, corporations and potential philanthropists.

These meetings have enabled the association to make great strides forward. A special mention to the Better World Fund which offered Yvan an ideal platform during a speech on the French Pavilion in order to involve more and more people in the adventure. During the gala evening organized by this institution, Yvan was awarded a trophy crowning his career and his fight for the ocean. What better way to close this week so rich in meetings and testimonies of support?