The SeaCleaners selected for Zevent 2022!

The news came down this Wednesday, July 13th and the whole team must be pinching themselves to believe it…

After 5 days of emotional roller coaster, The SeaCleaners has taken up the challenge and is one of the 5 associations selected by Zevent, the biggest gaming charity event! WE DID IT! 

A huge THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, to all those who voted for us. THANK YOU for this exceptional mobilization, for your votes, for your encouragement, for all the energy you gave us. We have the best community in the world!

This tremendous support has allowed us to emerge among historical associations, some of which have been established for over 50 years. We are like a Little Thumb and at this moment we cannot contain our joy and pride.

For a young organization like ours, it is a wonderful recognition that our fight unites people, that ridding the oceans of plastic pollution is a project that brings people together and that the means we deploy to achieve it are convincing.

Almost 130,000 people voted between Saturday and Wednesday. The SeaCleaners team would like to thank the Zevent organizers for their initiative to dedicate this 2022 edition to the cause of environmental protection. We warmly welcome the 21 other associations that were shortlisted and are all doing exceptional work to protect the planet. It is our collective fight that is the 1st winner of this competition.

The money raised by Zevent will allow us to accelerate the test phases of our plastic pollution control boat, the MANTA, before it is launched, but also to increase all our actions in the fight against plastic pollution, especially awareness in the countries that need it most and the operational deployment of our collection boat, the MOBULA 8, in the countries affected by plastic pollution.

THANK YOU again for your incredible show of solidarity! Long live the ocean and long live you!

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