The SeaCleaners volunteers : our superheroes

It's time to take stock! Before we reveal what we have planned for 2023, we have a question for you: are you ready to see what we have achieved in the last year with the help of our volunteers and partners? Because we are determined to show you what we can do. Hold on to your hats, it's going to be bumpy!

The results of the clean-ups organised by our volunteers are so positive that it is almost suspicious. You’d think there was an army of superheroes hiding somewhere. Their power? Motivation and determination to protect the oceans. Thanks to their commitment and dedication, they managed to collect huge amounts of waste in record time in 2022.

We even heard of one volunteer who managed to single-handedly remove a shipwreck from a boat! Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea: our volunteers are environmental heroes!

Here is a summary of all the types of actions we have carried out with our volunteers and participants during the year.

Our Volunteer Centre organised no less than 64 waste collections in 2022, and we managed to collect more than 8,000 kilos of rubbish. Yes, that’s right: 8 tons of waste that will not end up in nature and in the oceans…

You could say that our volunteers had stamina! But that’s not all: thanks to their feedback, we were also able to compile some very interesting data, including a list of the different materials we regularly collect in nature.

Unsurprisingly, plastic waste tops the list. And yet, despite the 64 actions carried out, our volunteers are still surprised by some of their finds! It’s fair to say that our volunteers had a flair this year.

Here are the most unusual objects found in 2022!

This list reminds us of the importance of being careful about what we throw away, and ensuring that the end of life of our waste is properly managed if we don’t want it to degrade our environment.

Please note: our volunteers do not only organise waste pick-ups. They are also experts in raising awareness about plastic pollution! In 2022, they raised awareness among more than 27,000 people. If we decided to gather all these people in one place, they wouldn’t even fit in Madison Square Garden!

Despite these great results, there is still a lot to do! We need all the goodwill we can muster to continue the fight against pollution and ocean degradation. In 2023, we need to redouble our efforts and mobilise even more volunteers. If you would like to help us and make a contribution, do not hesitate to join us.

Join us

We are proud of what we have achieved with you in 2022 and look forward to continuing our missions for a bluer ocean!