The Terega Endowment Fund supports The SeaCleaners

This Wednesday, the Terega Energy Accelerator Endowment Fund announced its support for The SeaCleaners, during a special day dedicated to sport and the environment.

In 2020, Teréga, a company based in Pau and specializing in gas transportation and storage, created an Endowment Fund to manage its sponsorship activities and act in favor of four areas:

This endowment fund, which also supports projects such as the adventurer Jean-Louis Etienne‘s “Polar Pod“, will support The SeaCleaners for 4 years. The program includes a financial donation, but also support for the spread of the association’s messages, particularly in the southwest region, thanks to Terega’s partnerships.

“We are pleased to support the actions of The SeaCleaners. The oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth's surface: through this initiative, a new action in favor of the preservation of a vital resource is being promoted. We are proud to take part in this initiative and to involve with us every citizen concerned about building a more sustainable world.”

Dominique Mockly President of Terega Energy Accelerator

The SeaCleaners was attending the TOPP (Terega Open Pau Pyrenées), taking place from November 15 to 21, to raise awareness on the children welcomed that day. A presentation s booth of the association which proposed animations for the young public allowed to sensitize the children and teenagers as well as their families to the problem of the plastic pollution and to the stakes of the preservation of the oceans.

In parallel, adults could take part to round tables about the environment, where we had the opportunity to present The SeaCleaners to our partners, the press and the tournament public.

After the actions carried out during the 2018 Strasbourg tennis internationals and more recently with the Girondins de Bordeaux Football Club, but also with ambassadors such as pro surfer Maud Le Car and free diver Julie Gautier, The SeaCleaners continues to forge close ties with high-level sports in order to spread its messages to a wide audience.