We’ve just opened a new dedicated space for our volunteers. Have a look !

As more and more of you are joining us, The SeaCleaners is opening a space 100% dedicated to its volunteers! After the opening of an intranet for our corporate partners and for Teachers, it's about time our volunteers can benefit a database of information, customized resources and assistance.

In this space, volunteers can access a toolbox containing nearly 60 resources. They will find the information they need to understand and carry out their actions, as well as technical documents that have been carefully prepared by the different divisions of the association, so that they know our missions, our methodologies and our messages inside out! Guides, manuals, memos, practical tools, practical sheets… everything you need to be a real SeaCleaner!

This space is also a way to show that volunteering is very important to The SeaCleaners crew, who will never stop praising the daily work of volunteers and thanking them for their commitment.  It is also a sign of the constant development of the collective and individual efforts of the volunteers, whose numbers continue to grow. The SeaCleaners wants to make its committed communities feel included and facilitate communication to give everyone the opportunity to carry out our common mission: to protect our oceans.

Are you already a volunteer with us? Let’s meet in the Volunteer Space!

For newcomers, our Become a Volunteer page has been revamped! Wondering how you can help protect the oceans and be part of the SeaCleaners adventure?

Find all the information on our application process to become a volunteer and fill out our form!

2022 is experiencing a real investment from the Local Action Groups of volunteers at The SeaCleaners! 2,000 thanks to everyone for their unfailing commitment and especially to all the new people who decide to put their trust in us to represent a world of the future without plastic pollution.

2,000 volunteers is far from being a drop in the bucket! After the last few years filled with confinements and crises, the SeaCleaners team values even more the personal commitment of each and every one of them and the groups that push for common action, which tend to multiply. Each volunteer is a representative of the fight against plastic pollution, and the fact that the number of volunteers continues to grow is proof of the importance and legitimacy of the action.

Nevertheless, The SeaCleaners is always looking for new volunteers throughout France and internationally. To this end, our Volunteer Department is actively seeking regional delegates to develop its regional offices, which are essential to the association’s outreach.

Would you like to join The SeaCleaners adventure? Find out about all the positions available in our regional offices.