World CleanUp Day: a look back at the world’s largest cleanup

World CleanUp Day - The SeaCleaners - 2021

On September 18th, 2,418 cleanups were organized worldwide for the World CleanUp Day. An international effort that brings together individuals, companies, NGOs, communities and schools for a waste-free planet. For The SeaCleaners, this major event was an opportunity for our teams and sponsors to take concrete action, all together, for one day.

In Paris, this 18th of September feels like a summer day. The 30 degree weather forecast is delighting the participants who gathered in the early morning at the Square d’Anvers, in the 18th district of the French capital. For this World CleanUp Day, the volunteers are tackling Montmartre, a popular district attracting 10 million tourists every year. Unfortunately, the attractiveness of this cultural center is also a trap: “It’s a vacuum cleaner we need to clean these streets!” exclaims Sophie for her first clean-up. In the end, 27,500 cigarette butts will accumulate in the buckets of the clean walkers for this event.

World CleanUp Day - The SeaCleaners - Paris - 2021

In Biscarosse, Anne, regional delegate of New Aquitaine is thrilled. Despite the rain, 30 people gathered on the beach to take part in this global initiative. Their efforts were not in vain as they collected a total of 107 kg of waste. For Anne, this waste collection is a success, which in addition to having gathered and raised awareness, has allowed to gain the adhesion of new participants as volunteers of The SeaCleaners.

“It was a great time, of conviviality, solidarity and enthusiasm!"”

Anne Domingo DR Nouvelle-Aquitaine
World CleanUp Day - The SeaCleaners - 2021

But our volunteers are not the only ones who have joined forces for the occasion. For the past two years, The SeaCleaners has been developing a practical guide for our sponsors so that they can organize their own waste collection, and thus raise awareness among their employees about plastic pollution, and involve them in the alliance between their company and the association.

For the Blue Team of the Picoty Foundation, this is a first. The endowment fund headed by Caroline Schildt created a team of volunteers within her organization following the signature of the sponsorship agreement. The World CleanUp Day allowed them to set up their first operation and to gather employees and family for a successful cleanwalk.

At Obeo, we are trying another approach, by joining the 206 participants of the Nantes cleanup who collected 448kg of waste, and for SOCAPS, it is the perfect opportunity to involve their different sites for a common event. In Rouen, Engins or Croissy, 70 employees participated together in the movement.

World CleanUp Day - The SeaCleaners - 2021

In total, 21 cleanups were organized in France with The SeaCleaners, bringing together 725 volunteers, sponsors and collaborators. Once again, the World CleanUp Day has succeeded in its challenge: to become a global event that promotes exchanges between associations and individuals and encourages daily action to fight against plastic pollution.