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Newsletter n° 9 - July 2019


We are proud to announce the arrival of our new partner Allianz Global Investors. Last month, by joining those who have been involved in this great adventure since the beginning, Allianz GI, which has always been very involved in terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility, gives The SeaCleaners a new impetus for the rest of the project. We therefore warmly thank them and all our patrons, who all contribute to the progress of the Manta project.

Especially since the Manta project is now awarded four prizes! The Special Jury Prize of the CCI France International received on June 25th 2018, just took its place on the chimney alongside to the Prize for Excellence in Environmental Protection of the Geneva Invention Fair awarded at the end of 2018, the Innovation Prize of the CCI France Suisse in February 2019 and finally, the Innovation Prize of the EuropeanLeaderships Awards awarded in Brussels last May.

A recognition that motivates the entire SeaCleaners crew!

Yb Ebs

At the heart of the Manta project

More than 1,000 children made aware of the problems of plastic pollution thanks to our actions in schools and The SeaCleaners events ! Discover the testimonies of Hervé Collet, College Professor, as well as those of Guillaume Houllemare, CISV West Training Manager.

Set up in January 2019, The SeaCleaners’ educational unit works with schools, colleges and high school in France and abroad. In order to pursue its international development, a partnership with CISV has been set up and this summer a camp with about ten teenagers will be held in La Trinité-sur-Mer.

The crew TSC

Eric Leplomb
Operational Scientific Manager, Eric Le Plomb’s mission is to validate the vessel’s operational operation, manage the Manta’s exploratory and collection campaigns and ensure the development of the scientific network in the countries where the Manta will stop over.

The SeaCleaners was present


The largest gathering of exceptional ships in Europe, including this year’s Hermione and Belem, the 7th edition of the Rouen Armada took place from June 6th to 16th. This year saw a record number of more than 700,000 daily visitors! The SeaCleaners was there to present the Manta project but also to raise public awareness of marine plastic pollution by proposing solutions so that everyone can act at their own level. A real success with the public!

Patron of the Manta project, ELCIA, the French leader in the software and solutions market for carpentry professionals, organized on June 19th as part of its 20th anniversary, an open house on the theme: “Why did I decide to engage my company and my employees in The SeaCleaners, an ecological and revolutionary project?”
Yvan Bourgnon had made the trip and Médéric, a SeaCleaners volunteer in the region Lyonnaise, has run awareness-raising workshops for the employee’s children.

20190610 Armada Les Ogres De Barback

Rhythmic since 1982 at the beginning of summer, on June 21rst La Fête de la musique a music festival has become a key moment in musical culture in France and beyond its borders.
On this occasion, The SeaCleaners met Les Ogres de Barback, a family group present on the French scene for 25 years. By discovering the Manta project and our actions, they wanted to support us in this vidéo !

Actu Cci4

500 people present, 99 selected companies, 70 countries represented and 8 winners! The CCI Trophies France International brought together on June 24th in Paris, the best French projects developed in 2019 International. Among them, The SeaCleaners won the Special Jury Trophy. Within 7 months, it is the fourth international prize for the Manta project, that rewards the entire distance covered by the crew and motivates us for the next steps!

The SeaCleaners in the medias

Testimonial of patron

“ For us, what is important in terms of values is to be in action ! ”

Discover the testimony of Stéphanie Lagand and Rachel Gautier, consultants at Externatic, patron of The SeaCleaners, and discover how the Manta has become a source of pride for all their collaborators…


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