The SeaCleaners is hiring a Field Officer in Indonesia

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The SeaCleaners is hiring a Field Officer in Indonesia

The SeaCleaners is a French Association declared of general interest under the law of 1901. Their mission is to protect the ocean and fight against plastic pollution while educating and raising awareness. The SeaCleaners’ commitment, with the Manta project, a giant plastic macro-waste collecting vessel capable of operating on the high seas, goes far beyond an innovative and operational solution. The carbon footprint of the vessel will be reduced as much as possible by the combined use of innovative technologies for both its propulsion and energy production (helical propulsion, equipment for producing energy from renewable sources: solar, wind, tidal, etc.).

The SeaCleaners’ vision for the preservation of the oceans is global, long-term and worldwide. It integrates economic, social, human, educational and scientific perspectives in a dynamic and solidarity-based project.

For this reason, The SeaCleaners is looking for a Field Officer to (i) set up its local office in Indonesia and develop its networks, (ii) carry out exploratory missions to locate and characterize plastic waste in aquatic environments (rivers and sea).

Reporting to the Managing Director of The SeaCleaners and to the Scientific Operational Manager while working in close collaboration with the heads of the Association’s Development and Communication departments, the Officer’s missions are divided into several themes which are described in further detail below:

  • Development of associative activities in the country(ies) or locality(ies) in which the Field Officer will be assigned.
  • Development and animation of a network of scientists and partner institutions.
  • Implementation and follow-up of exploratory campaigns to locate and characterize marine plastic litter.
  • Programming and organisation of collection campaigns.
  • Promotion of The SeaCleaners activities through exhibitions and events.
  • Promotion, implementation and coordination of activities encouraging the development of the local and circular economy in the countries or localities in which MANTA will stopover.

As the MANTA will operate and stopover in several Asian countries, the Field Officer may have to work in an international environment and must therefore be at least bilingual in English and be fluent in Indonesian.

The Field Officer position is located in Indonesia. A start-up period of a few weeks in France with the Association’s teams is envisaged.

Key activities

Development of the Association’s activities

  • To build, maintain, strengthen and develop external partnerships (associations, political and administrative institutions, companies, scientists and academics).
  • To ensure the representation of the Association with the various partners.
  • To raise public awareness by setting up innovative initiatives in the field of waste collection.
  • To develop a network of volunteers.
  • To follow and carry out activities on the theme of plastic waste management.
  • To inform about the regulatory changes and environmental measures in force in the country and identify the prospects for the Association.

Operational organisation of collection campaigns

  • In close collaboration with the Association’s Scientific and Technical Departments and with the MANTA Project team, to help set up and follow up an exploratory campaign (EXPLO Project) in the pre-identified collection areas in order to confirm the hypotheses for the dimensioning of the vessel, to prepare the deployment of the local scientific collaboration network and to identify the political, administrative, logistical and partnership issues to be dealt with for the realization of the MANTA’s missions.
  • To organise the missions (EXPLO & MANTA) in conjunction with the Scientific Operational Manager according to the political, administrative, logistical and partnership requirements and constraints and also according to the operational objectives set by the Association.
  • To formalise the requirements of the Association relating to the treatment of waste collected at sea by MANTA, and identify and contract with the local waste treatment industries that meet these requirements.
  • To set up partnership agreements with the local actors of the waste treatment industries in accordance with the Association’s strategy of development of local circular economy.
  • To identify local scientific players and organise scientific collaborations in close collaboration with the Head of the Scientific Department.
  • To identify local associations and NGOs and organise joint actions in close relation with the Heads of the Awareness-Action and Voluntary Work Department.

Animation and coordination

  • To rigorously follow the realization of the various projects entrusted to him/her in the respect of budgets and schedules.
  • To prepare the meetings that punctuate the life of the local association.
  • To animate and manage the network of partners (associations, institutions, scientists, …) and voluntary members.
  • To ensure relationship and trust-building between the association, institutions and volunteers.

Advocacy and Lobbying

  • To represent the association with institutional partners.
  • To ensure the visibility and credibility of the association among identified local stakeholders, including the local press, and to prepare the President’s visits by orchestrating a public relations campaign in close collaboration with the Communication Department.
  • To disseminate the Association’s information to partners in the local area.
  • To communicate with partners and volunteers.
  • To provide framework for the relationships with partners.

Required skillset

Technical skills

  • Higher scientific education (PhD, Master’s degree in environment) with a good knowledge of the issues related to the preservation of biodiversity and the environment.
  • Good legal background in order to conduct contract negotiations as smoothly as possible, without having to rely on external legal support.
  • Good mastery of IT tools when using the purchasing information system: management charts, budget monitoring, risk monitoring assessment, etc.
  • Language skills: Indonesian and English read, written and spoken fluently.
  • Knowledge of environmental policies and environmental issues.
  • Knowledge of the territory of activity which is Indonesia and South-East Asia (political, economic, environmental, societal…).

Professional skills

  • Interpersonal qualities to build trusting relationships with the local actors of the MANTA Project.
  • Communication and public relations skills.
  • Ability to motivate and engage.
  • Ability to develop partnerships and to impulse a dynamic of networking around the MANTA Project.
  • Tenacity and resilience.
  • Strong negotiation skills and ability to listen, in order to identify the expectations and constraints of local actors, but also of the Association’s EXPLO & MANTA projects.
  • Open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity, in order to follow the scientific and technical developments of the Association’s EXPLO & MANTA projects.
  • Rigour and reliability, in order to make relations with external actors more reliable and to secure the operation of the MANTA.

Mobility, as many trips are to be expected in the areas preselected for the EXPLO and MANTA Project missions.


Required qualifications

  • Higher scientific education (PhD, Master in Environment).
  • General engineering schools or equivalent qualifications.
  • Strong experience in operational project management activities.

Previous professional experience

The Field Officer should have at least 5 years of experience in the field of environmental association management.
Experience or knowledge in the fields of marine pollution clean-up, science and industry would be a bonus.

To apply, please write to

Location Indonesia

Contract Temporary position

Experience 5 years

Starting date 20 January 2021

The SeaCleaners is hiring a Field Officer in Indonesia

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