Monitoring and analysis of marine litter in Vodenjak cove on Iz Island, central Croatian Adriatic Sea

Date of publication 3 August 2020

Authors Mokos, Melita; Rokov, Tina; Cizmek, Ivana Zubak.

Sources Rendiconti Lincei-Scienze Fisiche E Naturali :



Marine litter is recognized as a global marine environmental problem. Beach litter surveys are used to monitor litter pollution and can be used to determine the origins of litter which can be used for the improvement of waste management. This research studied abundance, composition and sources of marine litter on the beach during one year period in four seasons in Vodenjak cove, central Croatian Adriatic. The results showed that this part of the coast was very dirty according to Clean Coast Index (48.4) and the litter density was 2.55 items/m(2). The highest density was recorded during winter (4.24 items/m(2)). The largest part of the collected litter belonged to the category of artificial polymer materials and accounts for 94.88%. Litter sources have not been identified for 43.77% of the total waste collected, while 34.38% of waste has been identified as originating from land-based sources such as poor waste management, tourism and recreational activities. Single-use plastic items accounted for 31.35% of all items collected.

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