Properties of eco-friendly pervious concrete containing polystyrene aggregates reinforced with waste PET fibers

Date of publication 3 August 2020

Authors Ali, Taghreed Khaleefa Mohammed; Hilal, Nahla; Faraj, Rabar H.; Al-Hadithi, Abdulkader I.

Sources Innovative Infrastructure Solutions : 5 (DocId: 3)



A huge amount of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and PET plastics are produced every year all around the world. However, if not treated properly, after their consumption, EPS and PET caused numerous environmental problems. Therefore, the utilization of these wastes in concrete production can contribute to the sustainability of construction materials. This experimental study aims to investigate the behavior and properties of pervious concrete incorporating both EPS aggregates and waste PET fibers. A total of ten concrete mixtures were designed with different percentages of PET fibers and the same amount of EPS content. The investigated parameters included: abrasion resistance, dry density, compression as well as flexural strength, porosity ratio and water permeability coefficient. From the results obtained in this study, it has been shown that the proposed mixes are reliable to use in the construction field. The compressive strength, abrasion resistance and density decreased by incorporating EPS and PET fibers. However, the flexural strength increased by using PET fibers up to 1% in volume. On the other hand, the porosity ratio and the water permeability coefficient increased through the addition of PET fiber. The empirical models among different properties were also provided. This experimental study can be contributed to promote sustainable construction materials as mixtures contained a considerable amount of waste materials.

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