Study of moisture absorption characteristics of jute fiber reinforced waste plastic filled polymer composite

Date of publication 3 August 2020

Authors Balan, G. Sakthi; Ravichandran, M.

Sources Materials Today: Proceedings : 27, 712–717.



This work studies the moisture absorption characteristics of jute reinforced, waste plastic particulates filled polymer composites. To minimize the percolation of the water, the voids must be minimized or eliminated or it has to be filled with some external fillers. The specimens were produced at varying weight ratios by varying the amount of reinforcement and fillers. The process parameters such as weight percentage of plastic particulates, jute reinforcement and type of chemical treatment for jute fibers were established by Taguchi method. The influencing parameters on moisture absorption characteristics was optimized. The results were optimized to determine the ratio in which the composite possess maximum water resistance. (C) 2019 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Selection and peer -review under responsibility of the scientific committee of the First International con- ference on Advanced Lightweight Materials and Structures.

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