Beach orientation and exposure accumulate types of marine debris on the coast of Dullah Island, kei archipelago, Indonesia

Date de publication 22 février 2021

Auteurs Renjaan, Eugenius Alfred; Silubun, Dortje T.; Latar, Dullah, I; Makailipessy, Marvin.

Sources 2nd International Symposium on Marine and Fisheries Research : 517



Marine debris has become the world’s attention from various aspects. The survey was conducted in April and May 2019, at 6 coastal locations on Dullah Island which have a coastline of 74,796 km. The purpose of this survey is to find out how beach orientation and beach exposure affect the type of marine debris that accumulates on the beach on the coast of Dullah Island. The survey results show that statistically, there is a very significant and positive correlation between island orientation and beach exposure with total accumulation of marine debris, but negatively and insignificantly correlated with accumulation of plastic debris, i.e; the greater the beach exposure will accumulate total debris the sea but conversely the greater beach exposure causes light plastic debris to be swept from the beach by waves and tides. Of the average total marine debris, 46% consists of plastic items while the most plastic clusters that accumulate on the beach are « common items » (53%).

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