We provide solutions on land and at sea to protect
the oceans
from plastic pollution.

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Plastic pollution threatens ecosystems, economies and human health.

17 tons of plastic waste are dumped
into the oceans every minute

80% of the waste in our
oceans is plastic

3,800 marine species are
already impacted

Since 2016, The SeaCleaners in action on the ground

1,548,200 people reached
41,598 kg of waste collected
1,110 actions

Our missions

Manta and innovation


We collect floating plastic waste in high concentration areas before it sinks or breaks down into microplastics, and we develop innovative collection and reuse solutions of plastic waste in the sea, with as little environmental impact as possible

Manta and innovation
Scientific researc plastic pollution


To better tackle plastic pollution, we need to understand it better.
The SeaCleaners contributes to the development of scientific knowledge on the sources and impacts of plastic pollution,
and make this data accessible to as many people as possible.
Scientific activities
Field actions


We take action in the field, organising litter picking campaigns and motivating citizens to get involved.

Our actions on field


We fight against plastic pollution at sourcemaking current and future generations aware of their responsibilities, by passing on eco-friendly behaviour and eco-responsible attitudes and by making marine eco-systems better understood.

Awareness raising

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