The African Marine Waste Network and its aim to achieve ‘Zero Plastics to the Seas of Africa’

Catégorie : Politiques et Réglementations
Date :19 juin 2020
Marlin, Danica; Ribbink, Anthony J.
South African Journal of Science : 116 (DocId: 5/6)
In response to the global pollution crisis, the United Nations Environmental Assembly has called upon all people to commit to its initiative ‘Towards a plastic pollution, waste management, education, communication, research In support, the African Marine Waste Network (AMWN) was launched in 2016 as the main programme of the Sustainable Seas Trust and has committed to work with all 54 African countries to assist them in improving waste management, thereby reducing the amount of plastic entering the sea. Africa faces many waste management challenges, which are compounded by high population growth rates; a rapid rate of urbanisation; a growing middle-class, which is increasing consumption rates2 of poverty. Collectively, these factors are said to account for Africa potentially becoming the most plastic-polluted continent within a few decades.