Mission Statement

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Our dream

It is our collective responsibility to preserve and restore our ocean heritage for the benefit and interest of future generations and to fight against the inequalities created by plastic pollution in a proactive and supportive approach.

We dream of a world in which the oceans, drastically depolluted, will have regained their original beauty and the integrity of their functions essential to the good balance of the planet.

The entirety of biodiversity and therefore the survival of humanity depend on it. Thanks to an essential and massive awareness of all (from citizens to the decision-makers, including academic and industrial actors), plastic must no longer be a source of uncontrolled pollution but a resource with a controlled life cycle.

Our four missions

We act with the conviction that only a global approach to plastic pollution – corrective and curative as well as preventive – will allow an awakening of consciences and a radical evolution of uses, thanks to a pioneering approach around the use of advanced technologies and the demonstrated success of innovative depollution solutions.
Refusing fatalistic or wait-and-see stances, we have chosen a proactive and holistic approach in order to make a mark on people’s minds around the following dynamic: “demonstrate to convince and multiply actions on a large scale”.
1. To contribute to cleaning up the oceans and aquatic environments and to recycle plastic waste
2. To understand plastic pollution, develop and widely disseminate scientific knowledge
3. To sensitize and mobilize all publics in order to raise awareness and bring about lasting changes in behavior
4. To ensure an optimal management of ocean waste and promote local dynamics in circular economy.

Our values

Our NGO refuses resignation and decides to act, according to 4 core values:


  1. A benevolent and inclusive responsibility: a duty to act for all and to federate at all levels without excluding logic but by integrating all good wills around the fight against ocean plastic pollution.
  2. Unwavering determination: the choice of a bold course, based on a holistic approach to ocean plastic pollution, because of our deep conviction that we must not resign ourselves despite the magnitude of the task, but rather be in action on all fronts.
  3. Innovative and responsible pragmatism: we are still and always in concrete action, driven by a constant search for efficiency, while integrating global innovation and the adaptation of already existing solutions in order to create a virtuous circle around inspiring actions, easily reproducible locally and not requiring the mobilization of significant resources.
  4. A respectful solidarity: a will to repair and act for all and, in particular, for the populations most affected by plastic pollution, in an approach that respects local needs, cultures and practices. This logic of sharing knowledge and know-how involves the coconstruction of good practices with a view to empowering local populations in the management and recovery of their waste.

We are The SeaCleaners

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