A team of passionate people

Towards a global, preventive and corrective vision

Since its creation in 2016, the crew of The SeaCleaners has continued to grow in expertise and structure. Each in his or her own field brings to the project passion, commitment and determination to act.


Yvan Bourgnon

Chairman and Founder

A talented Franco-Swiss skipper, Yvan Bourgnon started sailing at the age of eight with his parents for a round-the-world voyage where he discovered the ocean that he would never leave.

Over the course of his career, Yvan has built up an impressive racing record in sports multihulls and also in offshore races on the most performing boats.

With his elder brother, Laurent Bourgnon, he won the Transat Jacques-Vabre in 1997.

Holder of several world records, he pushes sailing to the extreme by embarking on a series of unprecedented solo adventures on his uninhabitable catamaran, without instruments, including a round-the-world race from 2013 to 2015 and the Northwest Passage linking Greenland to Alaska in 2017.

These exploits were unanimously acclaimed throughout the world.

Today, with The SeaCleaners, of which he is Chairman and Founder, he is taking on a new environmental challenge and wishes to develop an effective and concrete solution to combat plastic pollution in the seas: the Manta project.

Yvan Bourgnon

“I have been travelling the oceans since I was 8 years old. I've seen them deteriorate, warm up, acidify and become plasticised. I created the association The SeaCleaners to fight against this global scourge with the desire to create a revolutionary ship, a pioneer in the collection of plastic waste, the Manta. Today, The SeaCleaners is fighting on all fronts: awareness and prevention, the dissemination of scientific knowledge, the transition to a circular economy, and the collection of waste on land and at sea. With three watchwords to guide our approach: taking action, finding solutions, refusing resignation. ”


To carry out its missions, The SeaCleaners relies on solid governance.
The Board of Directors ensures the efficiency and transparency of the association's management and the speed of decision-making.

The Board of Directors is composed of 9 members of the association elected by the General Assembly. These 9 personalities, with varied personal and professional backgrounds, have one thing in common: they contribute to strengthening the missions of The SeaCleaners thanks to their expertise, their skills, their network, and their commitment.

The Board of Directors’ mission is to implement the decisions taken by the General Assembly and to ensure their follow-up, in conjunction with the General Management.
It ensures the execution of the policy defined at the General Assembly and the main strategic orientations, adopts the budget and annual accounts, validates the recruitment of salaried staff, decides on the admission of members, etc. The SeaCleaners’ Board of Directors is also the only body empowered to suspend or terminate a sponsorship agreement in accordance with The SeaCleaners’ Sponsorship Charter.

Board of Directors

Photo Yvan Bourgnon

President - Board Member

Yvan Bourgnon

Photo Benoit de Lamberterie

Treasurer - Member of the Board

Benoit de Lamberterie

Photo Ghislaine Bovy

Secretary - Board Member

Ghislaine Bovy

Photo Pascal Boisgard

Member of the Board

Pascal Boisgard

Photo Anne Cullerre

Member of the Board

Anne Cullerre

Photo François Galgani

Member of the Board

François Galgani

Photo Karim Essemiani

Member of the Board

Karim Essemiani

Photo Fréderic Pichonnat

Member of the Board

Fréderic Pichonnat

Scientific Advisory Board

The International Scientific Advisory Board is made up of internationally recognized scientific researchers, with complementary expertise on marine plastic pollution.

The International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) reflects our wish to base our projects on a rigorous scientific approach and to offer the international scientific community the opportunity to collect quality data on marine plastic pollution.

Its missions :

Photo Dr. François GALGANI

Project Manager, IFREMER

Dr. François GALGANI

Photo Professor René GARELLO

Professor Emeritus, IMT Atlantiqueue

Professor René GARELLO

Photo Dr. Bernard GINDROZ

Expert in circular economy, eco-design, public policy and commercial analysis

Dr. Bernard GINDROZ

Photo Dr. Britta Denise HARDESTY

Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

Dr. Britta Denise HARDESTY

Photo Professor Jean LE BIDEAU

Professor, Nantes University

Professor Jean LE BIDEAU

Photo Laurent LEBRETON

Physical oceanographer, The Ocean Cleanup


Photo Dr. Marc Lucas

Senior Oceanographer & Project Manager CLS Groupe

Dr. Marc Lucas

Photo Dr Christophe MAES

Physical Oceanographer, IRD

Dr Christophe MAES

Photo Dr. Umi MUAWANAH

Marine and fishery resource conservation economist, KKP


Photo Dr. Sarah-Jeanne ROYER

Bio-geochemist and oceanographer, Hawai'i Pacific University

Dr. Sarah-Jeanne ROYER

Photo Dr. Jean Francois SASSI, PhD

International Expert - Algae Processes & Products, CEA

Dr. Jean Francois SASSI, PhD

Photo Odeline BILLANT

PhD Candidate, University of West Brittany


Photo Dr. Isabelle POITOU

Founder of Mer-Terre Association

Dr. Isabelle POITOU



Sponsorship manager

Alexandre Aldebert

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Communication Director

Valérie Amant

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Digital Marketing Junior

Camille Bonnelie

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Project Manager

Eve Bourdon

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Chairman & Founder

Yvan Bourgnon

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International Volunteering Coordinator

Nolwenn Brohan

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Energy Project Leader

Laurent Buquet

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Scientific Director

Gwenaële Coat

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Stanislas Conseiller

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Stanislas Conseiller

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Philanthropy manager

Marie-Emilie Daniel

Environment Engineer

Alice Darondeau

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Engineer, Project Manager

Maxime Delaye

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Head of International Communication

Elise d'Epenoux

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Head of Digital Communication

Sophie de Roquemaurel

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General Manager Switzerland

Benoit de Torcy

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International Development Manager

Vanessa Georg

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Coralie Grundeler

Corporate Partnership Development Manager for France

Coralie Grundeler

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Project Management Officer (PMO)

Jérôme Guegan

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Corporate Partner Relationship Manager

Bénédicte Hamon

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Chairman TSC Swiss

Maurice Hoffstetter


Baptiste Jagoury

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Development Engineer

Antoine Iche

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Content manager

Elia Jolinon

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Philanthropy Officer

Julie Laporte

Awareness & Education Manager France

Julie Lasserre

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Stage Manager

Gwenaël Le Corre

Graphic Designer

Tiphaine Levrier

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International Corporate Partnership Development Manager

Yokshan Makonnen

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Awareness & education junior

Marine Mallin

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Coordinator Volunteer France

Lou Massa

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General Manager

Jean-François Mielcarek

Partnerships Officer

Estéban Vialette

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Stephanie Poey

Education Manager

Stéphanie Poey

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Volunteering Manager

Romain Sorlin

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Director for Operations

Pascal Mounier

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Managing Director

Frederic Silvert

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