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The seacleaners - soutiens

A team effort to defend the oceans

Only coordinated action and the joint efforts of all people of good will will make it possible to provide a sustainable response to the major challenge of plastic pollution.

Because our vision for the preservation of the oceans is global and integrates economic, societal, human, educational and scientific perspectives, we are proud to have assembled around us partners from all walks of life: public, private, associations, institutions and individuals, all convinced of the urgency to act.

The seacleaners - soutiens
We are grateful to our Corporate Partners that have been by our side since the beginning of the project. Their continuous support allows us to fight ocean plastic pollution everyday.

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We would like to thank all our partners who allow us to carry out our awareness-raising missions in the field and who spread our message about the importance of protecting the oceans.



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The SeaCleaners is part of several working groups and international alliances mobilized to meet the challenge of plastic pollution and find solutions to protect the oceans.
Since its creation in 2016, the project championed by The SeaCleaners has received several international awards for its innovative nature in the service of the environment.