Sign up to protect the oceans by joining a passionate team, with a friendly and positive-thinking spirit.

Becoming a volunteer for The SeaCleaners means: 


Whether you wish to do something regularly and/or as a one-off, wherever you are, your actions will help us to accomplish our mission.


Find our volunteers’ actions on our YouTube channel.

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September 2016: creation of The SeaCleaners

December 2017: The first action of our first volunteer and current department manager.

2018: 10 volunteers in the south of France and one in Thailand.

2019: 350 volunteers all over France and 46 abroad (mainly in Switzerland, USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, etc.)

2020: 1,500+ volunteers in France and internationally

How to become an International Volunteer

During a trip

Short term (less than a month)

  • Draw our attention to the areas needing to be decontaminated 
  • Document (photos, videos) an individual waste collection 
  • Inform us of good local practice  
  • Put us in touch with local organisations/businesses taking action or wanting to act on our concerns  
  • Recruit volunteers 


Long term (from one month)

  • All the activities of a short term trip 
  • Develop partnerships with local organisations (charities, businesses, politicians, individuals) 
  • Meet and take action with our local sponsors 
  • Include us in your charitable networks 
  • Organise actions of awareness, such as, for example, a litter-pick 
  • Promote the ideal of a circular economy 
  • Represent The SeaCleaners at events (conferences, meets, trade fairs, etc.) 

In the country where you live

Where you live abroad

  • Encourage the setting up of a circular economy 
  • Help with waste management 
  • Promote, accompany and create good local practice 
  • Build a network 
  • Link up with institutions in your country of origin  
  • Encourage interactions between volunteers 


Where you were born

  • Encourage the setting up of a circular economy 
  • Help with waste management 
  • Promote, accompany and create good local practice 
  • Build a network 
  • Encourage and support interactions between volunteers 
  • Create a local office 
Please feel free to share your suggestions and proposals. All ideas are welcome!

Meet our volunteers

Meet our volunteers

Photo Emma Larthomas

Regional Delegate - Côte d'Azur

Emma Larthomas

17 year old, student in Cinema.

"Those who don't want to act will always find excuses. But those who wish to act, will always find ways."

Photo Sarah Bazinm

Volunteer - Île de France

Sarah Bazinm

21 year old, student in Fashion Design.

"By joining The SeaCleaners, I hope that my family and friends will become aware of the need to protect the oceans."

Photo Benoit De Lamberterie

Regional Delegate - Île de France

Benoit De Lamberterie

65 year old, pensioner.

"Ocean pollution begins on land. It's time to fix all the damage that has been done."

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