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Engage your company and your employees in an innovative general interest project, in order to respond concretely to current ecological and economic challenges.

TheSeaCleaners - Manta and innovation

Become a corporate partner of The SeaCleaners to: 

The relationship between The SeaCleaners and its corporate partners is also an opportunity to co-create content and operations to advance the fight against plastic pollution and educate a very large audience. A magazine for children with Pilot, products in The SeaCleaners colors with Balzeo, 3D glasses for immersion on the Manta with a top sponsor, a recycling challenge with SoCaps, etc. Corporate partners fully play their role in supporting the project!

“Supporting The SeaCleaners is one more step in our environmental commitment.”


“Together and through concrete actions, we can make a difference!”

Socaps Fund

“We have made a long-term commitment with The SeaCleaners, because we share the same values of responsible and sustainable approach”

Barbier Group

ED-TRANS | Corporate Partner of The SeaCleaners

Brunel, Corporate Partner of The SeaCleaners

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3 types of corporate partnership :

Provide financial support for the association in carrying out its missions through an annual or multi-year donation. 

Make available, temporarily free of charge or by donation, equipment, products or goods: space, products designed by the sponsor, equipment donated to the association. 

Mobilize the specific know-how or expertise of a company for the benefit of a structure of general interest. The company offers a free transfer of skills in favor of the project by making voluntary employees available during their working time: either as part of a service benefit, or as part of a provision of one or more employee (s), depending on their availability.  

Tax reduction

A donation from a French company in favor of The SeaCleaners, whatever its form, gives the right to a reduction in corporate tax equal to 60% of the value of the donation made. This reduction applies to donations of up to € 20,000 or up to 0.5% of the sponsoring company’s turnover. For donations of greater amounts, the reduction applying to the excess is carried over to subsequent years.  

A donation from a foreign company in favor of The SeaCleaners is eligible for tax deductions according to the rules applicable in the country of origin of the company. 


Foreign partnership

The SeaCleaners aims to act internationally to effectively fight against plastic pollution. The support of companies established in Europe and around the world is essential to carry out our missions. As a partner of CCI France International, we will develop special relationships with companies from 93 countries.   

Donations from foreign companies in favor of The SeaCleaners are eligible for tax deductions according to the rules applicable in the country of origin of each company. 

For companies established in the countries concerned *, it is possible to make a donation to The SeaCleaners via the TGE ( 

* Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland 

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The SeaCleaners is a 1% for the Planet certified association.