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Basing our projects on scientifically validated knowledge.

The SeaCleaner’s’ scientific activities are the bridge between our field work and the international scientific community, focused on issues of plastic waste and ocean pollution. It is essential that our projects be grounded in rigorous science.

Our team listens in real time to the latest studies on plastic pollution. We catalogue, comment and explain the research for the non-specialist audience.

Our International Scientific Advisory Board informs our strategy and actions with rich and diverse expertise.

Our teams in the field study future collection sites and establish local collaborative networks.

OpenData is our philosophy. We share our technical analyses in order that all may benefit and better understand the issues surrounding plastic pollution.

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Our scientific director Gwenaële COAT is introducing our scientific hub and its missions


SeaView explains, in simple terms, the content of major scientific publications, to inform our production methods and consumption habits, and to understand their impact on the planet

Beyond marketing

How to balance pleasure, safety and environmental responsibility in our daily purchasing decisions? Navigating the jungle of consumer product offers is not easy!

"Beyond Marketing" helps you decipher marketing messages, understand scientific advances and identify false good ideas.

Literature Survey

Each week, Literature Survey offers a list of the most relevant scientific publications, with insightful commentary and opinion.


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