💚 Thank you Z Event! The SeaCleaners participated in the biggest gaming charity event in the World!

10,182,126€ is the amount raised through the huge mobilisation of the French-speaking streaming community supported by ZeratoR. GG!* (*Good Game)

From 8 to 11 September, the 7th edition of the Z Event took place, and the mobilisation was, once again, historic! A small but important detail: The SeaCleaners was one of the charities in the spotlight.
As a reminder, the Z Event is the most important online charity event in the international gaming world. This video game streaming marathon takes place on the Twitch and YouTube platforms: for more than 50 hours, 59 streamers, gathered in Montpellier (France), called for the support of their community and for donations in favour of a unifying cause: the fight for the planet.
As the creator of the event, Adrien Nougaret, aka ZeratoR, explained to the media: “For the last big Z Event, we wanted to raise support for the most pressing issue, one which concerns us all. Environment was the obvious choice. We looked for the main players in this field and soon found out that no one agreed on who they were. So we decided to ask people to vote on a shortlist of about 20 organisations“.
The Z Event streamer community voted for The SeaCleaners as a beneficiary organisation, alongside Sea Shepherd, LPO, WWF and Time For The Planet as special guests.

#ZEvent22 - Thank y'all 💚

On the agenda of the Z Event 2022: awareness, with an interview withdedicated to each beneficiary association to present their missions and actions, but also and above all, moments of anthology, such as a memorable opening concert with a high-flying line-up (Soprano, French Fuze, Big Flo & Oli, Berry Wam… ), the Question for a Streamer Burger Quizz edition with the TV and movie star Alain Chabat, improvised rodeos, legendary karaoke, a memorable wrestling match and then a cold sweat during the final rush on Sunday night. ..
To motivate their communities, the streamers had each established donation goals or, for the uninitiated: challenges (sometimes improbable!) linked to the achievement of donation levels.
The SeaCleaners team would particularly like to thank those who chose to include the fight against plastic pollution in their goals, and who will do clean-ups and awareness actions: Trinity, Rivenzi, Gius, Chap, Kenny, Le Bouseuh, Doigby, Domingo, Angle Droit !
Each year, the Z Event explodes its records. 2021 was a memorable edition: no less than €10,064,480 was raised for the French humanitarian NGO Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger).
To many, exceeding this amount seemed an unreachable goal: while the word FLOP (French word for Fiasco) was the recurring joke of the weekend, the community mobilized like never before to raise the prize pool to 10,182,126€… and to put the Twitch StreamLabs Charity donation collection site to shame several times!
In 2021, the Z Event raised its first million in less than 5 hours. In 2022, the first million was reached in less than 4 hours! Record broken!
After this 3-day unique experience, The SeaCleaners team has become familiar with the codes of gamers, streamers, and Twitch… Don’t be surprised if we throw GGs, Masterclasses or MegaChads in our next articles…

Time for action: what will the donations at The SeaCleaners be used for?

For us, the Z Event victory starts now: The SeaCleaners fights plastic pollution by offering solutions on land and at sea. Thanks to the donations, The SeaCleaners will carry out 3 types of actions:
1) The advancement of the Manta, thanks to test phases and trials of different technological bricks: our emblematic boat to fight against ocean plastic pollution will take to the sea in 2025.
2) Innovative clean-up solutions: in the countries most affected by plastic pollution, including our Mobula boats that intercept waste in rivers before it reaches the ocean.
3) Awareness-raising actions: aimed at the communities most impacted by plastic pollution to reduce waste at its source.
The Fondation de France will centralise donations from the ZEvent community, ensure their redistribution to the beneficiary associations, and organise the follow-up and traceability of the use of the funds. The associations commit to the Fondation de France via an agreement to guarantee that the donations are used for projects of general interest.

💚 A big thank you to the whole community

The whole team of The SeaCleaners would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts the Z Event community, the streamers, the viewers, ZeratoR, his buddy Alexandre Dachary (Dach), the whole Z Event production team and the other beneficiary associations Sea Shepherd, LPO, WWF and Time for the Planet. Words cannot express how exceptional everyone was, each in their own role. And how infinitely grateful we are.
Beyond the financial aspect, and the great showcase that our fight to save the oceans from plastic pollution has benefited from during these 3 days of madness, The SeaCleaners team wants to pay tribute to the very young generation that is the heart and soul of Z Event.
A generation that is often mistreated by politicians, public authorities, the media and “adults”. This generation, however, has just given us a huge lesson this weekend. This generation has shown us that it is committed, generous, creative and determined. That it is demanding, uncompromising but also benevolent and full of hope. That it takes action, that it likes concrete progress and is not satisfied with vague promises. This generation makes us want to fight alongside them and gives us wings. They are a source of inspiration.
Bravo to all of you, thank you for your trust, we will prove ourselves worthy of it. For you, for the oceans and for the planet.

ZEVENT 2022 #5 : Interview The SeaCleaners