A good SeaCleaner is a curious SeaCleaner!

There's nothing more important than relevant information to educate and inspire environmentalists! So here's a roundup of the essential information that keeps inspiring us.

At The SeaCleaners, one of our missions is to inform and mobilise you to protect our seas and reduce plastic pollution. Through our newsletters and social networks, we regularly share crucial knowledge about the environmental challenges facing our oceans.

Let’s go back to basics together and become even more enlightened and committed SeaCleaners than ever!

Plastic and more plastic:

A social impact :

Nature reclaims its rights:

Strong initiatives :

The basics :

In the fight against plastic pollution, scientific knowledge remains limited. Despite recent advances, we still have a long way to go to fully understand the subject. It’s crucial that we raise as much awareness as possible: together, we must continue to educate and take action to preserve our oceans.