An ocean of gratitude 💙

There are so many things we could say to you as the year draws to a close, so many stories and anecdotes to tell, but if there's one single message we could pass on to you, it would simply be to say THANK YOU!

Whether you are a volunteer, sponsor, member, donor or simply a reader of this newsletter, we feel it is important to thank you for your support throughout 2023, wherever you may be.

The SeaCleaners has once again broken records thanks to you, and the first waste collection operations at sea have finally been able to get under way, with almost 27 tonnes of waste brought ashore. In total, you have reached just over 50,000 people and have taken part in no fewer than 421 awareness-raising campaigns in schools, at festivals and at various waste collection operations in France and around the world… And 2023 is not over yet. There are also 71 patrons who have placed their trust in us and believed in this magnificent project. 🐠

Thanks to your unfailing support and your constant efforts, every day we write a little more of the history of The SeaCleaners. This magnificent adventure, which has already lasted 7 years, will take on a new dimension in 2024, and more than ever, we will need you once again to help the association develop with a single, unique mission: to protect our oceans from plastic pollution.

As we say regularly, there are no small gestures. So talk to your family, friends and colleagues about how you are helping to support our operations, and let’s all continue The SeaCleaners adventure together!


The Ocean, its inhabitants and The SeaCleaners, from the bottom of the 💙