Appassionato x The SeaCleaners: Mer(s), classical music to protect the ocean

On June 9, the Appassionato symphony orchestra recorded its Mer(s) album at La Seine Musicale. From December 1 onwards, this exceptional discographic project will see the light of day!

The SeaCleaners is delighted to announce the imminent release of Appassionato‘s album “Mer(s)”, the result of an original and committed musical collaboration.

Get ready to plunge into an exceptional sonic journey, where Appassionato’s musical talent meets The SeaCleaners’ fight to protect the ocean, in an interpretation of 4 symphonic masterpieces by Debussy, Cras and Dukas dedicated to the sea and water.

Appassionato’s and The SeaCleaners’ shared desire to convey a positive message about the Ocean, and their common desire to involve the widest possible audience in this momentum, were the two triggers for this partnership.

The major event that laid the foundations for this captivating project took place on June 9 at La Seine Musicale. It was a magical evening where the public had the privilege of witnessing the live recording of the concert that would become the very heart of the “Mer(s)” album. December 1 marks the release date of this project, so mark your calendars!

Mer(s)” promises sensory immersion, transporting listeners through emotional soundscapes while raising awareness of the crucial importance of preserving our oceans. Music is an ideal vehicle for bringing this compelling call to love and protect the sea to the widest possible audience.