Bali: Ogoh-Ogoh made from plastic waste

Every year in Bali, in March, in the run-up to Nyepi Day, the Day of Silence, the "banjar", or neighborhood associations, get together to make giant papier-mâché monster sculptures: the Ogoh-ogoh! These statues are displayed in parades organized on the eve of Nyepi Day. This year, The SeaCleaners team joined forces with students and teachers from SANUR INDEPENDENT SCHOOL to build Ogoh-Ogoh from recycled plastics.

Using tradition to raise awareness

On March 8, The SeaCleaners, in collaboration with Sanur School, organized a series of activities to raise awareness of plastic pollution and promote recycling. The day began with the making of Ogoh-Ogoh, traditional Balinese statues, from recycled waste. A procession of these Ogoh-Ogoh then took place around the school, demonstrating the students’ creativity and commitment to recycling.

An educational session on the fight against plastic pollution was hosted by The SeaCleaners, highlighting the importance of recycling and proposing practical solutions to reduce plastic waste. The students were very interested in the subject and asked probing questions: raising awareness is the key to getting the message across about the fight against plastic pollution! 

To round off the session and deepen knowledge, teams from The SeaCleaners and volunteers organized a games session in the school playground, bringing together 112 children and teachers. Playing “Ecomemory“, they were able to discover everyday eco-friendly gestures; with “Chamboule-tout“, they were able to memorize the main figures for plastic pollution; while with “Mantawa“, our giant goose game, they were able to discover the importance of preserving marine biodiversity.  These fun, interactive learning experiences are designed to raise children’s awareness of plastic waste and its impact on the environment.  

The event was a success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, who we’d like to thank! 💙