Participate in The SeaCleaners’ efforts through membership

You are sensible to our fight against ocean plastic pollution and wish to do more for the preservation of marine ecosystems? From now on, you can show your commitment by becoming a member of The SeaCleaners association!

The Ocean needs our help

Since its creation in 2016, our team at The SeaCleaners has been fighting on all fronts, without hesitation, remaining true to its watchwords: take action, find concrete solutions, refuse fatalism. Quite simply, make an act of resistance.

In spite of the cries of alarm launched by the scientific community, by the impacted populations, by sea lovers from all over the world, the plasticization of aquatic environments is accelerating, causing major ecological, economic, climatic and sanitary ravages. In 2050, due to population growth, projections show that there will be as much plastic as fish in the ocean.

Faced with this seemingly inescapable fact, The SeaCleaners is among those who refuse to give up and resign themselves.

Today, our association is opening up to write the next chapters of its history… And you can be part of the adventure by joining!

Join to build together and be heard

To join is to show that you not only appreciate the cause defended by The SeaCleaners, but that you wish to actively participate in it by giving it a strong popular base.

It means wanting to give more power, resonance and legitimacy to its fight.

It means allowing it to expand and diversify its means of action to meet new challenges.

It is to participate in its influence and to build, with its teams, the association which will answer the stakes of tomorrow.

Join an unprecedented human and ecological adventure

Because you are an essential part of our fight to preserve the oceans against the disaster of plastic pollution, by becoming a full member of The SeaCleaners, you will be able to :

  • Receive privileged information on all of our innovative and meaningful projects for the preservation and restoration of the oceans
  • Meet the key players of the association and exchange with them about our common vision and an uncommon pioneering adventure to serve the planet
  • Participate in the political life of our association alongside our Board of Directors during General Assemblies in order to define the priority struggles that will guide our action and determine the strategic orientations of our association

If you wish to participate in the first General Assembly of The SeaCleaners which will take place on June 19th, please join before May 19th.

Join to go further together

Becoming a Member of The SeaCleaners is a simple gesture for a strong commitment, which reaffirms your desire to participate in one of the priority environmental battles of our time.

Membership is for the calendar year and will cost you only 25€*.

To join, go to the dedicated page in the “Act with us” category!

*Your membership and donations to The SeaCleaners are 66% deductible from your income tax (within the limit of 20% of your income tax) – Your membership is therefore only €8.50 after tax deduction.

“Until the possible is done, the duty is not fulfilled ”

Victor Hugo