Cabaïa, a brand committed to protecting the oceans

A new sponsor has joined the partners of The SeaCleaners. It is a company that has been committed to fighting plastic pollution and making fashion as environmentally friendly as possible. The brand says it loud and clear: "Our greatest adventure? To prove that sustainable fashion is possible".

Founded in 2016, Cabaïa made the decision in 2020 to remove all disposable plastics from their products but also from their packaging and shipping. All plastics, or almost, because their iconic bags are partly made of plastic … 100% recycled of course! More precisely, 25 bottles are enough to make a backpack, while 11 bottles are enough to make an insulated lunch bag. Of course, we were very quick to talk about it!

After a first conclusive operation that had mobilized more than 30,000 customers of the brand on their social networks in December, we have taken an additional step since Cabaïa has decided to join the patrons of The SeaCleaners by committing to our side for the year, thus confirming a strong associative commitment, since the brand already supports the SPA (Société Protectrice des Animaux) since 2018.

This new sponsorship is a natural extension of the efforts made very early on by the young brand in its mode of production to “offer ingenious accessories, and respectful of animals and the planet.”

  • Working with eco-responsible materials and ensuring that their accessories have the longest possible life cycle
  • Eliminate disposable plastic from their products
  • Favouring the train and the boat for the transport of their goods
  • Offer cruelty free* products
  • Practicing upcycling on several product lines such as backpacks made from recycled plastic bottles and guaranteed for life.

We are proud to be supported by a new company committed to a perpetual improvement of its production process, which is also committed to raising consumer awareness on the importance of sustainable fashion and the principles of circular economy.

Cabaïa’s teams are organizing with The SeaCleaners a waste collection open to all, on Tuesday, May 30 at 4pm on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris. Prizes will be awarded to the most efficient cleaners! All the information can be found here.


*The “Cruelty free” label certifies that a product has not been tested on animals and does not cause any animal suffering.