Collab for Good : Suzane x Awake for SeaCleaners

French singer Suzane, Lilian, Founder of AWAKE and Yvan Bourgnon, President & Founder of The SeaCleaners


Born from the encounter between the French brand AWAKE and the singer SUZANE, this project was built around a common desire: to act concretely in a fight that has only just begun, that of our generation to protect the planet and its oceans.


For this collaboration, AWAKE has designed a totally exclusive watch model inspired by the creative universe of SUZANE, whose fetish colors it uses. The watch is made from recycled fishing nets, chosen for their particularly heavy environmental impact: they alone represent 10% of the 20,000 tons of plastic waste that spills into our oceans every day, and trap hundreds of thousands of marine mammals every year. A meaningful material that the AWAKE brand was the first to introduce in the watch industry in 2019.


The AWAKE X SUZANE edition runs on solar energy to create no waste, and offers unlimited autonomy thanks to its sensor that absorbs any form of light. A very successful concept that makes it the watch with the lowest possible impact on the environment, while calling for new modes of consumption, more responsible and more sustainable.


And because change comes first and foremost from the field, all proceeds from sales will be donated to THE SEACLEANERS association, which works daily to preserve marine and terrestrial ecosystems.



SUZANE: “The strength of this collaboration with AWAKE and THE SEACLEANERS is to have been able to associate my personal commitment to an object of claim with a real impact. With this beautiful association we carry a new message, we move forward, we show that it is possible to think, design and act differently.
LILIAN, founder of AWAKE:I discovered SUZANE with her song “Il est où le SAV”. I immediately wanted to imagine a project with her, which would tell the values we share through our respective know-how: AWAKE’s capacity for responsible innovation and SUZANE’s artistic universe. With one goal: to support the associative sector, which raises awareness and takes action on a daily basis. This is the ambition of our Heroes program.”




SUZANE is a committed artist and composer who (re)awakens consciences with an electro background. She was named Best New Artist at the Victoires de la Musique in 2020 with her first album Toï Toï, and her songs address a wide range of social issues, from feminism to ecology.


About AWAKE:


AWAKE is a French brand organized in the form of a collective of creative and committed designers, whose desire is to rethink the consumption model by creating objects with the lowest possible environmental impact. Its name reflects this necessary awakening to the importance of current climate issues. In 2019, the brand is developing the world’s first watch made from recycled fishing nets for the G7 summit. Presented by President Macron as “an illustration of what France wants to do in terms of sustainable innovation,” this model will mark the history of the brand. Since its creation, AWAKE has focused its efforts on its responsible research and development program and surrounds itself with individuals, companies and organizations sharing its vision to raise awareness and propose concrete alternatives.