Give everything for the oceans without spending a dime

Being financially tight and still contributing to the oceans is possible! There are so many ways to support a NGO without having to make a donation, but it's not always obvious. Here are a few examples for you.

Lilo, the drop that makes the big river

Do you use Google Chrome, Safari, Bing or Yahoo (we promise, we won’t judge)? Great! Read on.

Navigate towards better horizons and change your search engine for one that funds social and environmental projects and protects your privacy. The one we suggest is called Lilo and can be downloaded as an extension on your computer or as an application on your phone (available on Android and Apple Store)! Each time you search on Lilo, you collect “water drops“. Whenever you want, you can donate all your drops to the association of your choice. Choose The SeaCleaners as your beneficiary, and every click becomes a small contribution to our mission: fighting ocean plastic pollution.

Think of The SeaCleaners and make a donation without spending a cent!

For those who wish, you can make an automatic donation to The SeaCleaners by clicking on “Automatically donate my drops of water to this project”.

I donate my drops to The SeaCleaners 💧

Support is gold

In addition to donations, there are many other ways you can support us!

  • The SeaCleaners has released a new podcast-video called Micro Plastique: go listen to it and join us in a fascinating discussion by passionate people! You can now find our video podcast on The SeaCleaners youtube channel and on all your favorite listening platforms (Spotify, Deezer, ApplePodcast…).
  • Don’t hesitate to follow us on social networks and share our content to take part in a wave of awareness! A share or even a like is useful and gradually brings visibility to our fight.
  • You can also become a volunteer easily from our website: simply fill in the registration form and take part in our various actions throughout the year.
  • If you’d like to get involved at another level in the fight against plastic pollution, and you have a talent (artistic, linguistic, educational…whatever!), send us a message. We’d be delighted to collaborate on a project for the benefit of the ocean, to get our message across: bring your unique touch to our fight.


TW: By carrying out one or more of these actions, you expose yourself to the risk of supporting the fight against plastic pollution. And that’s great. 👊