Lagardère Travel Retail joins the corporate partners of The SeaCleaners!

A new partner has joined The SeaCleaners corporate partners!
We are delighted to welcome Lagardère Travel Retail as one of the companies joining us in the fight against plastic pollution.

With a network of 5,000 points of sale (railway stations, airports, tourist sites) in 42 countries around the world, the company has a major role to play in changing consumer habits. The decision was taken to take significant action on a major lever of waste production: bags handed out at the checkout. Gradually, by the end of the year, the usual virgin plastic bags will be replaced by paper bags where possible, or by environmentally-friendly plastic alternatives. Also, they will no longer be systematically handed out to customers, but simply on request if they need them, and they will become chargeable.

It’s an effective way of giving consumers a sense of responsibility, and above all of supporting causes that are also working to reduce and better manage waste. Profits from these sales will then be donated to The SeaCleaners and Reforest’Action, and a QR Code on each bag will enable network customers to discover the causes supported. Each subsidiary, representing a country, will choose to support one or both of these causes, on a voluntary basis, in addition to the financial support already provided by the Group.

This action is part of a global initiative to reduce waste, stop using virgin plastic and encourage eco-responsible practices among travelers.

Discover all the group’s CSR commitments, structured around 4 pillars and backed up by 12 concrete commitments, to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Thank you to Lagardère Travel Retail for its support and for raising awareness among its customers worldwide!