Looking for the next Captain Cleanup 👀

Are you interested in the cause of plastic pollution in the oceans?
Do you have a bit of spare time to spare for a cause that's close to your heart? Then become the next ocean superhero!

Become a volunteer who saves the oceans

Tired of seeing plastic pollution everywhere you go? Volunteer with The SeaCleaners! Your mission, if you accept it, is to dive into the world of ocean preservation and fight plastic pollution by joining the Avengers close to you: your regional delegation.

What are your superpowers? Armed with motivation, gloves and garbage bags, you’ll be ready for a clean-up (worthy of a Tony Stark suit of armor).

If you don’t think you’ve got the time to get involved as a volunteer, you should know that a SeaCleaners action lasts about the length of an action movie (e.g. Captain America – First Avengers), which is about 2 hours. So this weekend, swap your Saturday night movie for an outdoor activity that will let you live the life of a superhero, and join a delegation near you!

Take action for your planet and join your regional delegation

Becoming a volunteer with The SeaCleaners couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is go to the association’s website and click on the “Act with us” section, then on “Volunteering“, or directly on “Become a volunteer“. Once you’ve found out about our volunteer activities, you’ll find a registration form at the bottom of this page, which you can fill in to join one of our delegations.

Once this form has been completed and submitted, a member of The SeaCleaners will contact you by telephone or video to welcome you. During this exchange, you’ll talk about the different missions you can carry out with The SeaCleaners. These missions are varied: underwater collection, raising awareness in schools, running a stand at events, recruiting new volunteers…

If you’re interested in other missions, don’t hesitate to ask a member of The SeaCleaners – everyone’s skills are welcome! Once you’ve chosen your missions, you’ll be able to take advantage of the various training tools available to help you get up and running in the field.

I become a volunteer 👊