Make a donation from abroad!

It's possible to make a donation to The SeaCleaners from any country on our website, but for a few weeks now it has been possible for donors from several European countries to benefit from a tax reduction that applies according to the rules in force in their state. We explain how.

The end of the year is a time of generosity for NGOs and foundations in France and around the world. In France, 42% of donations are made during the last quarter of the year, including 21% in December alone. If the holiday season is conducive to generosity and commitment, this significant increase is also linked to the tax reduction to which donations to associations are entitled.

If this mechanism, which is particularly attractive for companies as well as for individuals, is well known by French donors, the impossibility for foreign donors to benefit from it could represent a non-negligible obstacle to the donation of our supporters beyond French borders.

For several weeks now, it has been possible to make an online donation to The SeaCleaners from several European countries and benefit from a tax reduction according to the rules in force in the donor’s country of origin.

Donate from abroad

The Fondation de France has worked with foundations in nine countries to set up a platform that offers a tax-free donation form for each one, in the language and currency of the country concerned. It is now possible to support The SeaCleaners from Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland via this platform, which can be found on the donation page of our site.

Other European countries will integrate this system in the coming months, and an equivalent system will be set up for donations from the United States. Stay tuned!