Manta Innovation in the big time!

Manta Innovation, The SeaCleaners' integrated design office, has been keeping a low profile since its inception, and is now stepping out of the shadows with the launch of its website. The objective? To make its achievements better known, but also to offer them for sale.

The beginnings of Manta Innovation...

Manta Innovation was created in 2018 to provide The SeaCleaners with the technological support and expertise the association needs to accomplish its mission to fight plastic pollution in the aquatic environment.

The consultancy has taken the form of a Société par Actions Simplifiées (SAS) in which The SeaCleaners, a non-profit association under the French law of 1901, is the sole shareholder.

This legal structure allows Manta Innovation to contract partnerships with companies and research laboratories around the world, as well as to sign the confidentiality agreements necessary for certain co-developments. It also offers the possibility to market its solutions, not to make profits, but to exclusively finance its new development projects and the association’s missions.

For the past 5 years, Manta Innovation has been the linchpin of The SeaCleaners, in charge of designing and developing its solutions for the depollution and recovery of plastic waste.

The MANTA, a true laboratory of new technologies against ocean pollution and ambassador ship of The SeaCleaners? It’s Manta Innovation.

The MOBULA? Manta Innovation again.

The BELUBAG and the waste elevator (the latest addition), always Manta Innovation!

The SeaCleaners and Manta Innovation are driven by the same philosophy: to take concrete action by developing innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. At the heart of this approach is the shared belief that innovation and technology are essential to implement effective strategies to fight plastic pollution throughout its life cycle, from source to sea, in addition to awareness-raising actions.

Combining the curative and the preventive: The SeaCleaners’ dual response to the global plastic pollution crisis could not be achieved without the work of Manta Innovation.

...led by a great team...

Manta Innovation has a team of 9 engineers and project managers who are passionate about ocean preservation, supported by expert technical partners who are leaders in their field.

Today, more than 30 companies, 4 research laboratories and 60 engineers are part of the Manta Innovation ecosystem! MANTA alone represents more than 45,000 hours of study and development by this “technical consortium”!

Together, they develop innovative solutions for the decontamination of aquatic environments and the recovery of plastic waste, using a multidisciplinary and environmentally friendly approach, based on the latest scientific advances.

The design office designs custom solutions or integrates existing solutions that are adapted to the specificities and missions of The SeaCleaners. Manta Innovation online

Today, Manta Innovation is taking a crucial step forward with the launch of its website, which will not only allow it to better promote its know-how, but also to market its solutions.


The profits made by Manta Innovation are 100% used to finance new developments or donated to The SeaCleaners to contribute exclusively to the accomplishment of the association’s missions and to the implementation of its actions against plastic pollution. offers a digital showcase dedicated to technological advances in the field of ocean preservation.

Through this site, visitors will be able to discover the cutting-edge technological solutions developed by Manta Innovation, contributing to the fight against plastic pollution and the restoration of marine ecosystems, as well as purchase these solutions online, request a quote or propose technical collaborations.

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