Mobilize for Bali: Create Your Donation Page

Every year, on all five continents, World Clean Up Day mobilizes millions of people to clean up the planet and its oceans of the waste that suffocates them. Are you inspired? You too can take concrete action. Get involved in the fight against plastic pollution in Indonesia by creating your own donation collection page, which will help finance our actions on the ground.

Create a donation page

A fundraising page is an online kitty that you create and share with your friends, colleagues, social network communities, etc., to ask them to make a donation to the association that’s close to your heart.

You can personalize your page with the title, photos, description and objective of your choice, and track the amount raised and the number of donors in real time.

By creating your kitty, you become an active ambassador for The SeaCleaners and play a tangible part in our mission.

I create my fundraising page

Why should you support the project?

The SeaCleaners is determined to protect our oceans and combat the plastic pollution that threatens our marine environment.Our project in Bali, Indonesia is an extension of this mission. Bali is an island paradise, but it is also facing serious problems linked to plastic pollution. Plastic waste invades beaches, rivers and the seabed, endangering marine fauna and flora as well as the health of local inhabitants.

By supporting The SeaCleaners, you are making a direct contribution to solving this problem. Your donations will help finance our plastic waste collection, sorting and recovery operations in Bali. We work closely with local associations Gili Eco Trust and Peduli Alam to raise awareness of the need to reduce plastic consumption, create sustainable jobs and restore the island’s natural beauty.

Raising funds for The SeaCleaners is much more than just a financial contribution. It’s a concrete act that has a direct impact on the preservation of our planet.

Be the hero the ocean needs. Create your own fundraising campaign today, get your community involved in this fight and raise a record amount to support our action in Bali!

I create my fundraising page