NonStop Gym and The SeaCleaners: a strong collaboration

There's only one step between the sports movement and the environmental one! This year, Swiss sports club chain NonStop Gym decided to support The SeaCleaners by launching The Blue Wave.

The Blue Wave

NonStop Gym is a Swiss start-up founded with the ambition of making fitness accessible and affordable for everyone. Today, NonStop Gym offers quality training at low prices in 29 gyms, all open 24/7.

Every year, NonStop Gym supports a charitable cause by mobilizing its members. For the 2023 edition, the focus is on the protection of the oceans.

This is why NonStop Gym and The SeaCleaners Swiss have joined forces for The Blue Wave operation.

The concept is simple: on a special day, NonStop Gym pledges to donate 1CHF to the association for each club entry and each sporting challenge completed. Fundraising and cast-iron lifting combined: a simple, effective way of encouraging the involvement of as many people as possible!

But The Blue Wave doesn’t stop there. Because the oceans deserve a bit of sweat to protect them, NonStop Gym also wanted the whole month of October to be marked by concrete actions to clean up litter and raise awareness among its members and club staff.

Between sporting challenges, fund-raising and clean-ups, find your fitness club to lift some kilos (of garbage)! 💪

Events throughout Switzerland

Don’t miss these dates:

  • October 7: Lausanne clean-up
  • October 14: clean-up in Geneva
  • October 21: Zurich clean-up
  • October 30: The Blue Wave day in all Swiss clubs. 1CHF donated to The SeaCleaners for each entry and each sporting challenge completed.

“Here at NonStop Gym, we want to have a positive impact on the world around us, not only through the day-to-day health of our members, but also in a wider sense. Preserving the environment and our oceans is a vital issue today. That's why we're delighted to partner with The SeaCleaners. Together we aim to raise awareness among our members, and contribute to the important work of deplastifying our waters and oceans. On October 30, access to our halls is open to all, so we look forward to seeing you there to raise funds for The SeaCleaners.”

Petra Posselius co-founder of NonStop Gym

With waste to collect and records to beat, the competition is on for a cleaner planet… Swiss, are you ready to sweat for the oceans? 🌊💙


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