Results of the challenge ZeLoop x The SeaCleaners.

The SeaCleaners - Challenge Zeloop

More than 300 people in 5 countries joined The SeaCleaners eco-mission, to get a chance to win a sea trip, The SeaCleaners goodies or even tickets to our aquariums partners.

During 5 weeks, these users spotted 310 collection points on the application and recycled nearly 4,000 bottles.

The Challenge is over but you can still use the App and earn point that you will be able, within a few weeks, to use on ZeLoop eco-responsible market-place, to convert into donation to associations (more to come soon) or into money.


The SeaCleaners Corporate Partners also took part into the challenge and mobilized 66 employees, joining forces to win special team prizes.

The big winner of the Partners challenge is SoCaps, that mobilized employees in France but also abroad.

SoCaps Fund is committed to reducing packaging pollution and preserving the environment. ZeLoop is a way to pursue and put into action this environmental commitment while involving employees in a fun and eco-responsible way by rewarding each action.



Sepideh, SoCaps Atlanta

It was a pleasure to take up this challenge of recycling all these plastic bottles that end up in nature. As I started collecting bottles, I realized how much people don’t cope with the responsibility of recycling. My sons take part each week into sports events and all kids’ bottles end up into regular bins instead of recycling bins. I also collected some bottles while walking across my neighborhood and picking up bottles thrown on the floor by other people. I talked to the Parc Department about it and asked them to provide more recycling bins so that we can sensitize people. Of course, the very fact of winning a price was very exciting!”

Kevin, SoCaps Amsterdam

I liked the idea of helping ZeLoop to develop by spotting new recycling bins and allowing people from all around the world to recycle their plastic waste. As I live and work in Amsterdam, I carried out this mission in the image of the city, travelling by bike and therefore without carbon emissions. I use very few plastic bottles myself but during my rides, I recycled bottles I could find around and, I hope, influenced people who saw me. I think that if we all do individual actions, we can bring change, encouraging big players (companies and governments) to follow the trend.”