Students from the Lycée Maritime Jacques de Thézac d’Etel partners with The SeaCleaners

With the shared aim of protecting the environment, and the oceans in particular, the Lycée Maritime Jacques de Thézac d'Etel and Manta Innovation have collaborated on a project to create a new prototype floating waste collection net, enabling students to apply their theoretical knowledge.

A successful partnership!

A few weeks ago, Manta Innovation, The SeaCleaners‘ engineering office, teamed up with students from the Lycée Maritime Jacques de Thézac to work hand-in-hand on one of Manta Innovation’s major projects: floating waste collection nets!

Specifically, the school reduced the height of the net by integrating beads, and fitted equipment such as concentrating wings, chokes and connecting eyes to ensure the net’s operability.

The school offers a comprehensive training program for its students*, covering all maritime and fishing trades, to prepare future sailors for the fishing and trading industries. So it was a natural step for the students to join forces with Manta Innovation!

Accompanied by their teachers and the educational team, in particular Mr. Patrice Le Gall, the students’ workshops enabled them to make modifications to the equipment supplied, according to the specifications provided by Manta Innovation.

For those unfamiliar with the technique, it’s a way of repairing fishing nets by sewing them together.

Two weeks later, the net was handed over to Manta Innovation.

The partnership was very rewarding for both Manta Innovation and the students:

“To carry out projects, engineers like me can provide technical expertise, but we need know-how and operational experts like you. Manual know-how is a great asset; without craftsmen and without your skills, there can be no project.”

Eve Bourdon Project manager, Manta Innovation for students

This project was not only rewarding for the students, but also for The SeaCleaners, as it is important to involve young future sailors and fishermen in raising awareness of ocean pollution. It’s also important for the Lycée Maritime Jacques de Thézac to rekindle interest in the maritime professions and the fishing industry.

The students worked very hard and got involved in this meaningful project, so a big thank you to them!

*The Lycée Maritime Jacques de Thézac offers courses ranging from CAP matelot to Bac Professionnel, as well as a refresher course leading to a BTS in fishing and marine environment management. To find out more about the Lycée Maritime Jacques de Thézac :