The call of the youth for the living!

Young people are committed to protecting biodiversity and the environment through advocacy for life during the "Art & Engagement 2023" symposium at the Louvre, organized by the association Thanks for Nothing. These young people shared the stage of the auditorium of the famous museum as a platform to make their voices heard and mobilize to act in favor of the protection of life.

When art meets commitment

The symposium “Art & Engagement” is an event organized by the cultural association Thanks for Nothing, which took place at the Louvre in Paris on May 3rd. The objective of this 6th edition is to highlight different international personalities from the artistic, associative, academic, activist and scientific world, around the theme of life.

A unique opportunity to reflect on how art can have a positive impact on the world around us, but also to share experiences and perspectives on the environmental crisis that affects our planet and to discuss solutions.

Between artists and experts, personalities such as Camille Etienne, activist for social and climate justice, author and actor within the collective “Before the storm”, Galitt Kenan, Director of the Jane Goodall Institute France and Cyril Dion, writer, director, poet and French environmental activist, have intervened.
They highlighted various forms of action and art in the service of ecological awareness.

colloque annuel art et engagement-louvres auditorium - mai 2023 - paris- florence moncenis photo

Youth Advocacy for the Living

Several young people shared their experiences in creating artistic projects committed to environmental protection.

These speakers highlighted the challenges they face in their struggle and the possible solutions to overcome these challenges.

Their discussions also highlighted the importance of collaboration between youth, artists, experts and governments to implement effective solutions to protect our planet.

“We no longer want to face the immobility and the feeling of powerlessness. It is a vicious circle that we must break in order to stop suffering. ”

The SeaCleaners as part of their advocacy
colloque annuel art et engagement-louvres auditorium - mai 2023 - paris- florence moncenis photo

Young people to support and encourage for a sustainable future for all:

Férielle Mathlouthi
Marius Ruchon, Blairoudeurs
Stacy Algrain, La Corneille
Jade Brossollet & Elsa Bultez-Michel, Pollinis
Célia Bertrand & Julia Morath, Je navigue’RAIE
Clément Debosque, Ma petite planète
Guénola Violeau & Laetitia Mitchell,  Arvik Océan
Clarisse Buguet
Audélie Le Guillant, Pour un réveil écologique
Eva Morel & Anne-Lise Vernières, QuotaClimat
Victor Grivois
Manon Claire, Surfrider
Camille Ruault
Noémie Joully, EcoTalk
Hélène de Montalembert, Collectif Réveil Culture
Eleonore Brichler & Enora Morlet, AFNEG
Pauline Lê & Rémy Antille, Makesense, programme re-action
Maxime Ollivier, Le Bruit qui Court