The Gol de Letra Foundation and The SeaCleaners join forces to combat plastic pollution

From 26 to 28 February 2024, in RIO DE JANEIRO, our incredible Brazilian volunteer Nathália Soares de Lima do Vale trained 26 leaders and trainers from the GOL DE LETRA foundation on ocean plastic pollution, its impacts and solutions. In turn, thanks to this new knowledge and shared games, they will raise awareness among the young beneficiaries of the GOL DE LETRA programme.

Two days of intensive training on plastic pollution

To be able to talk about plastic pollution, it’s important to understand where it comes from, how it spreads, what it represents and how to reduce its dispersion. Over the first two days of the course, Nathalia set about passing on this knowledge to the participants, through various workshops and discussions.

She used a number of games developed by The SeaCleaners to set the pace of the course and encourage discussion: “Ondes marines” to introduce participants to the wonderful sounds of marine animals, “Du plastique dans mon assiette” to show them the route taken by waste left behind in nature, and “Ecomemory” to talk about the eco-actions they can take on a daily basis. These games will now be used by GOL DE LETRA’s trainers and activity leaders during their awareness-raising sessions with young people.

Plastic waste in abundance

To round off the course, Nathália and the young people from GOL DE LETRA set off under a blazing sun to collect rubbish in the streets around the Foundation. Within two hours, their bags were filled with all kinds of rubbish, from full nappies to glass and metal bottles, with the most common waste found being plastic! In all, 32kg of plastic bottles and packaging were collected. Five flip-flops with broken straps were also found, a waste product very representative of the city of Rio de Janeiro!

The collection helped to raise awareness of the reality of plastic pollution in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, consolidate the knowledge acquired over the previous two days of training and stimulate the participants’ desire to continue taking action.

Many thanks to Nathália Soares de Lima do Vale, Gol de Letra and Worlds Manufacturer for making this mission possible!

Our partners

  • GOL DE LETRA: The Gol de Letra Foundation, set up by former Brazilian footballers Raí and Leonardo in 1998, develops and implements training for underprivileged Brazilian children and teenagers in Rio and São Paulo, with the aim of transforming their lives through access to education, culture and social assistance.
  • WORLDS MANUFACTURER: An expert in merchandising for brands and committed to sustainable development, our sponsor Worlds Manufacturer takes particular care over the choice of materials, working with partners who respect the highest environmental standards. Thanks to their support, we have been able to develop this magnificent project with Gol de Letra, and we would like to thank them sincerely.