The Guide on Responsible Boating, a must-have

Dear skippers and offshore sailors, it's time to hoist your eco-responsible sail with the brand new guide from The SeaCleaners and the European Boating Industry for boating that respects the waves and preserves our planet.

European Boating Industry (EBI) and The SeaCleaners are proud to announce the publication of The Responsible Boating Guide! This comprehensive guide is a call to action for boaters worldwide to get involved in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways.   

Since 2016, The SeaCleaners has been working to reduce waste on land and at sea through awareness-raising activities, scientific research and waste collection programs. The EBI, which represents the European boating and marine tourism industry, advocates for a sustainable boating sector and works with industry and boaters to take an active role in combatting plastic pollution.  

With the distribution of this guide, together we aim to empower boaters to take proactive steps in protecting marine ecosystems. 


But what’s in this guide? 

Whether you’re a experienced ship’s captain or a young boater, you can find practical recommendations to help you minimize your impact on the environment while enjoying your passion for the water. From reducing plastic consumption to participating in waste collection efforts, you are encouraged to take an active role in preserving the oceans for future generations.   

Stéphanie Poey, The SeaCleaners Education hub global manager: “We are proud to partner with EBI, a key player in the boating industry, to get this message across: recreational boating has an environmental impact that is often underestimated. Every trip out to sea has consequences for the marine ecosystem and the planet. By adopting the actions set out in this guide, boaters can help preserve the ocean and sail in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.”

Philip Easthill, Secretary-General at European Boating Industry commented. “We are proud to partner with The SeaCleaners in advocating for responsible boating practices. It is our duty to protect and preserve our marine environments for future generations to enjoy. With this guide, we provide a tool that charter companies, marinas and other companies can provide to their customers to advance their environmental protection efforts.”

Download the Responsible Boating Guide 🌊