The kind of weekend we love


Our headquarters in La Trinité-Sur-Mer have never been so busy (and especially on a weekend 😉 )! The reason? 35 Regional Delegates from all over France met in our Morbihan premises for a training and meeting weekend.

“It was great, our team loved it and when they got home they got right to work! It was a wonderful impulse to continue with The SeaCleaners and a real pleasure to have been able to exchange with all the volunteers who are very invested. ”

Anne Domingo DR Aquitaine

35 volunteers and a dozen employees of The SeaCleaners came to our headquarters from Friday to Sunday for a weekend of training. Carefully prepared by the volunteer department, this key event of the year had four objectives:

  • Gather our most active volunteers for a moment of conviviality and sharing
  • Share important information and learn about the association’s activities: as the association’s spokespersons at numerous events (festivals, clean-ups, school and extracurricular activities, etc.), our volunteers need to be aware of all the latest news about The SeaCleaners. They need to have a good idea of the association’s calendar, its challenges and deadlines in the short, medium and long term. They need to know the organization and its expertise inside and out, in all the diversity of its actions. These training sessions are therefore privileged moments to make our volunteers aware of our messages and our missions. As an association, the transmission of our know-how is also a way to value and acknowledge the commitment of our volunteers.
  • Meeting, exchanging and sharing experiences: we like to create strong moments of sharing with delegates from different regions, where the problems are diverse, even on the opposite side of the world. For example, awareness-raising activities do not rely on the same levers in our regional delegations on the coast, where the public has a strong and direct relationship with the ocean, and in those in Paris or Lyon where the inhabitants are less spontaneously concerned by the threats to marine ecosystems. Feedback is a privileged way to bring out good practices, to cross-fertilize expertise and to create transversal answers to certain questions.
  • Having new ideas for your territory: By exchanging, new ideas are born, both among volunteers and employees. It is this dynamic that we like to see appear during these weekends.


On the agenda :

⛵️ Presentation of the association and its 4 missions
🤝 Presentation of The SeaCleaners and Manta Innovation teams, the clusters and their missions
❔ A time for questions and answers so that no one is left out!
🗣 Speeches by 4 of our most active volunteers to give feedback on their experience
💚 A review of the ZEvent and the use of donations
🔎 A recap of the year 2022 and our perspectives for 2023
🥞🍻  Food and drinks!

“Many thanks for this very rewarding weekend. Thanks to the employees for the organization, the disponibility, the kindness... And the seriousness ! To be done again! What I particularly appreciated was this mutual trust, this openness on the knowledge of the project, this simplicity... We are together on the same boat ! ”

Fabienne Volunteer, Biscarosse

For The SeaCleaners, volunteers are the beating heart of the NGO

In France, nearly 16 million volunteers are involved in the voluntary sector. Although this number is constantly increasing each year, studies show a decrease in motivation after the first few actions. The weekends of exchanges thus make it possible to answer three essential key points of our philosophy:

  • Mobilization
  • Loyalty
  • Intergenerational dynamics

Thank you to all the participants who made this beautiful weekend a success!

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