The Picoty Endowment Fund commits with us for 4 years

Created by the Picoty Group, an energy company for four generations, the Picoty Endowment Fund‘s purpose is to support the development of responsible, innovative community projects with a strong social and environmental impact.  As of April 8, 2021, The SeaCleaners joins Les Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale and Aïna Enfance et Avenir among the beneficiaries of this fund.


The Picoty Group shares a common DNA with The SeaCleaners: open to the sea, driven by the evolution of its businesses and the desire to develop low-carbon energies, determined to raise awareness of the need to reduce single-use plastics, the Picoty Group has naturally decided to join the NGO in its fight to preserve the oceans and combat plastic pollution, through its Endowment Fund.


For Yvan BOURGNON, president and founder of The SeaCleaners: “We are very grateful to the Picoty Endowment Fund for joining the crew of The SeaCleaners. At the heart of this partnership, there is above all a sharing of values: the attraction for innovation and the desire to act on the ground to create a measurable positive impact.


From this year onwards, we have decided to collaborate with The SeaCleaners’ teams to implement operations to raise awareness among the group’s customers, partners and employees about reducing their plastic footprint. We have decided to collaborate with The SeaCleaners’ teams to implement awareness-raising campaigns for the group’s clients, partners and employees to reduce their plastic footprint,” explains Caroline Schilt, President of the Picoty Endowment Fund.


The signing of the corporate sponsorship agreement in La Rochelle, the group’s historic headquarter, officially launched four years of support for the Manta project, as well as the association’s awareness-raising and collection activities. It also launched a programme of actions designed to involve customers, employees and the networks of distributors of the Picoty group and its many subsidiaries.
Picoty x The SeaCleaners